If there’s one thing I learned while working for a large insurance company, it’s that you never stop learning about insurance!  I spent several years in customer service helping customers sort out any and every issue you can imagine regarding their health insurance, so I have a valuable insiders view.  At this point, I would.. read more →

05 Mar 2013
March 5, 2013

Adapting to Change

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Adapting to Change: Finding your New Normal A while back, our family was dismayed with the news that our 16-month old granddaughter would need a medical procedure that would result in her wearing a cast for up to three months. This is not your typical arm cast – this is a spica cast, which begins.. read more →

As promised in our last post on why the iPad is invaluable for seniors, here is an extensive list of great iPad apps for seniors. *Note: To find and download an iPad app follow these instructions 1) visit the App Store on iTunes. 2) Type in the name of the app below in the Search.. read more →

I go about thinking of creative uses of technology in improving the quality of life for seniors and their adult children with practicality first and foremost in mind. Some apps for iPhones and iPads do wonderful things that would be very helpful for seniors, but if the hardware is too confusing and off-putting, no one.. read more →

I write this to all of our friends – those of Local Daughter’s as well as personal friends of Allison’s and mine – to wish you a Christmas filled with peace and joy. Somehow, I always have a problem with saying “Merry Christmas”, as the older I get, the more I know from experience that.. read more →